Confidentiality – Will we repeat what you say to anyone else?

If you are referred by a parent/doctor/teacher etc. we will not tell them you are coming here if you don’t want us to.

Nothing you tell us will be passed on to anyone outside the service without your knowledge and consent, except in the following situations:

  • If we are seriously worried about your or someone else’s safety, and we think it would be helpful to tell someone, we would discuss with you who the best person to tell might be (except in a crisis situation, if you were ill or unconscious, for example).
  • There might be a situation when we’re very concerned for your safety but you don’t want us to tell anyone else. If we still decide to talk to someone without your agreement, we will always tell you who they are, what we say to them and why – we would also let you know what will happen next.

In reality, we almost never share information without your consent.

You can discuss this more with any of the staff at Off The Record if you need to.

Sometimes you might want someone else to know what is happening to you. If you like, we can help you decide who the best person is to tell.

For more information please see our Confidentiality Statement for Clients and Confidentiality Working Guidelines

You can find out more about how we keep your personal information safe on our privacy policy page