Off The Record has been running for 21 years, and is well-known in the borough.
We run the ONLY dedicated young people’s sexual health clinic, and the only walk-in information and crisis counselling service – set in an easy-access youth-friendly non-clinical venue.
We provide early intervention, non-stigmatizing services, accessible to all.
See our Business Plan for more information or last year’s Annual Report.

Our core services are delivered through direct grant-funding, primarily from the following

  • City Bridge Trust
  • Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity
  • Richmond Parish Lands Charity
  • Driver Youth Trust

We also receive funding to support a number of projects, including our satellite services, from:

  • Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity
  • Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Richmond Parish Lands Charity
  • Barnes Workhouse Fund
  • William Grant and Sons
  • The Harlequins Foundation
  • The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund

Richmond Parish Lands Charity and Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity generously provided funding for a major premises refurbishment project in 2017.  

Our grateful thanks to these organisations and to all those who support our work.


The need we serve

Many of our service users present with complex needs and are desperately seeking help. Richmond borough has above the national average in recorded incidents of neglect and emotional abuse in its young people, and a high level of mental health problems. Coping alone with problems can result in a lifetime of isolation, difficult relationships and low self-esteem, resulting in serious under-achievement throughout their lives. The benefits of having somewhere to turn in a moment of crisis range from crisis-prevention, such as suicide, to simply helping a young person get on with a normal life.

Because the service is free and confidential many young people come to us when they are too scared to go to their parents or GP, or to seek help from statutory services. Immediate walk-in access off the street, providing help when they need it, is essential in reaching ‘at risk’ and disaffected young people. A borough-wide survey by LBRUT Children’s Services in 2013 showed that 39% of young people who completed it knew of or had used our service.

Our statistics indicate that 1 in every 3 young people who live in this borough from the age of 11 to 24 will have accessed our service at some point.


We work alongside other borough mental health services, including GPs, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), with schools, and a number of other charities. Many other services refer young people to us when they need in-depth therapeutic support. Over 50% of our counselling clients come via their GP. We are currently setting up a young people’s advisory group to directly inform our service’s priorities and delivery, and ensure its ongoing relevance.

Yearly Outcomes

We provide 3,000+ sessions of support to @1,000 new young people
Almost all young people giving feedback say that the service helped them
Over 90% of counselling clients felt better overall
80% of counselling clients understood themselves better and 60% understood others better
70% said that their family relations improved
95% of all our users didn’t want to change anything about Off The Record.

Counselling works

Counselling supports reflection and change in young people; their confidence and self-esteem increases and they develop resilience and a greater capacity to make more life-affirming choices for themselves. A counselling intervention helps young people remain in, or return to, school or college, or supports them to get a job. We help to change young people’s lives before patterns of dysfunctional behaviour and emotions become entrenched. This in turn supports the wider community to function better, both socially and economically.

Value for Money

The counselling service is provided by volunteer counsellors, and our premises are provided free by St Mary’s Church. With our partnership clinic with the Hounslow and Richmond Community Health Trust, the support of trustees, and voluntary administrative support, we receive at least £70,000 of donated services. Therefore we can offer a high-quality professional counselling service for under £35 per session.

Off The Record holds the Department of Health You’re Welcome quality mark for excellence in young people’s health services. We also hold Richmond borough’s Healthy Schools kite mark.