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About us

Who we are

Off The Record provides counselling from trained volunteer Councillors, and a sexual health clinic staffed by nurses. Our centre is relaxed and non-clinical. We’re open after school and on Saturday mornings. Hundreds of young people, between the ages of 11 and 25 come here every year and receive a friendly welcome; they get confidential help, support and information for anything that worries them. They come to see the nurses when they are too scared to go to their GP.

We also offer support to parents and a consultation service to those working with troubled young people.

Background – Why we are needed

Children rapidly begin to fail when they don’t learn from parents how to cope with life. This has a huge effect on their performance at school. With our help, the children at your school will learn social skills and perform better. The earlier we help them, the quicker they can recover. We often see dramatic positive change in the children that come to us.