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Our Impact

Download our latest Annual Report 2022/23.

Young people in the Borough of Richmond come to OTR with a wide range of issues with stress and anxiety being the most common. Even more concerning, we are discovering when we meet with them that 50% of young people are self-harming and 25% are considering suicide. OTR currently supports over 1,500 young people a year, meaning that we will interact with almost one third of young people in the Borough of Richmond over the course of their young lives.

Feedback from young people after completing their counselling shows that:

  • 98% understand themselves better
  • 98% feel more positive about the future
  • 98% say counselling has definitely helped them

Funding this vital work is a continual challenge. The challenge for OTR is compounded by our waiting list continuing to grow, doubling in length from 2016 to 2018. We therefore need long-term commitments of funding to ensure that we can continue the work we are doing and further expand it to meet the growing need. We can reassure donors that the funding we receive will be put to good use, as 98% of our expenditure goes directly towards delivering services to young people.