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Who We Are

OTR provides the only free and confidential drop-in counselling, information and sexual health service for young people aged 11–24 living, working or studying in the Borough of Richmond. We help more than 1,500 young people every year.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for every young person in our Borough to possess the skills and confidence to overcome life’s challenges.

Our Mission

Our committed team provides free, confidential and accessible information, support and counselling to improve young people’s emotional and mental well-being at a time when they are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety.

Our Values

OTR adopts the following values:

We are young people centred.

We provide a safe and effective service.

We involve young people in our on-going development.

We take a friendly and informal approach valuing honesty, flexibility, integrity, and well-being.

We champion the welfare of young people with a non-judgemental and empathic approach.

We offer a safe space free from discrimination, patronisation or harassment for all young people. 

What we offer

  • Crisis counselling
  • Weekly counselling sessions – up to 12 sessions
  • Walk-in information, a weekly sexual health clinic
  • Counselling in locations across Richmond Borough (Barnes, Ham, Hampton, Hampton Hill, Richmond, Twickenham, Whitton)
  • Support to parents and carers

Why We Are Needed

It’s easy to think that Richmond is a leafy affluent borough. Most recent statistics show that:

  • Richmond borough’s rate of hospital admissions for self-harm in young people is the 4th highest among London boroughs
  • Richmond has the 10th highest percentage of 15 year olds engaging in risky behaviour in England
  • The numbers of young people accessing our counselling and drop in services for mental health support is increasing. Our waiting list for counselling is constantly rising.
  • The issues young people bring to counselling are becoming increasingly more serious and the case histories are becoming complex. 50% of young people coming to OTR are self harming and 25% are suicidal